1. Rooms at B & B Spillo are rented for days and guests are required to check on the basis of an identity card. The room can be rented for shorter periods - conditions and payment is then negotiated with the employee Spillo B & B.
2. Check-in starts at 14:00 and ends at 11:00 the next day. There is a mandatory appropriate behavior and interrupt curfew.
3. Booking a room in Spillo B & B Guest determines the time of his visit, in the absence of such specification, it is assumed that the room was rented for one day.
4. If you have not release the room until 11:00 noon on the day of expiry of the lease term peace is obliged to pay a fee for the next day.
5. Wish to extend your stay must be reported by 10 am the day of expiry of the lease term peace.
6. Employee Spillo B & B may not include a request for an extension of stay if there is no vacancy.
7. Guest has no right to pass the room myself to other people, even if not yet expired, the period for which he paid the fare.
8. Guests must inform the employee Spillo B & B on possible visits of people who are not melded. An employee may refuse to consent to the appointment of persons not domiciled.
9. People are not checked are not allowed in the morning between the hours of 22-7.
10. The shared bathrooms are cleaned daily. If Guest wishes to the room cleaning and change of towels during your stay (more than 1 day) should report it to use.
11. The laundry and ironing service is an additional charge of 20 PLN per wash and 25 PLN for ironing.
12. Breakfast is served from 8-10 am. At the request of the guest can be served an hour earlier or later, if it is possible for organizational reasons.
13. The property is non-smoking except in designated places outside the building. Violations will be levied penalty in the amount of 200 PLN.
14. Fee for losing key PLN 50 (for the room).
15. Guest is financially responsible for any damage to and destruction of objects and equipment at the site Spillo B & B and using our services agrees to investigate claims for damages and all obligations to the Facility through the credit card and any other forms required by law.
16. Valuables should be left on deposit, otherwise we are not responsible for their loss.
17. If the guy who made the booking without deposit payment (payment of fees) and leave a phone number where you can be contacted (or at the above number can not be contacted) and does not appear in Spillo B & B to 16.00, the employee is the right to rent the room to someone else without the right to claim from the guest.
18. If after booking Guest wishes to issue a certificate on the reservation and paying a fee per stay (for example, to obtain a visa), issue such a certificate with confirmation of payment of fees. We can send them to a designated Polish embassy or consulate. The fee is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for the cancellation of the stay.
19. References to the ignorance of the rules does not exempt from its application.

Regulations come into force on March 15, 2013